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Youth representatives and staff on district level urged to work together for more effectiveness

The Executive Secretary of the National Youth Council Mr. MWESIGWA Robert has called upon youth representatives and staffs at district level to work together for effectiveness of responding different issues of youths.

The call was made on Friday 07th January 2020 while closing the 2-days coordination meeting that gathered staff of Youth, Sports & Culture, National Youth Council coordinators and Itorero programme officers and BDE directors unit at district level.

“You must take the lead through vision 2050, and we cannot achieve unless we work together in our respective districts, youths need your efforts in order to attain development,” Mwesigwa said.  

The Meeting discusses the National Youth Council Strategic Plan 2020-2024, Youth Centres Development Strategy, Performance Contracts (Imihigo) 2019-2020 progress among other key activities towards Youth Socio-economic transformation.

In his opening remarks on Thursday, Hon. Minister of State BAMPORIKI Edouard highlighted togetherness while fulfilling duties and urged the participants to start working with all efforts in order to play a vital role in Country’s vision 2050. "Working together with your colleagues will help you improve Youth welfare." He added.


After the meeting, the participants pledged to continue the mobilization of youths on their health care, economic development activities in districts among many other activities in this fiscal year 2019-2020.

Participants in group discussions. Photo/National Youth Council.  

With Minister of State at MYCULTURE Mr. BAMPORIKI Edouard, while opening coordination meeting on Thursday 06th February 2020.