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Iwacu Muzika Festival to benefit young artists

The ongoing Iwacu Muzika Festival is set to benefit the young, upcoming artists in different genre as they get exposure and opportunity to learn from the experienced artists they are performing with.

IWACU MUZIKA FESTIVAL is an initiative that celebrates Rwandan arts through performances by Rwandan artists of all genre and generations.

Besides the performances of the Rwandan legends musicians, this year’s festival is providing platform to young, upcoming artists in different categories namely music, dance, performing art, fashion and literature to give them visibility, and also give them chance to perform alongside famous artists to acquire experience from them.

Due to Covid-19 outbreak, the performances are being aired every Saturday on Rwanda Television starting from 20 June to 26 September 2020. In addition to creating entertainment and enjoyment, the festival is serving as a call to Rwandans urging them to like, consume and buy Rwandan arts products.

The festival is, as well, serving as a boost to the cultural and creative industry in these hard times since COVID19 has almost stopped all their activities.

The second edition of Iwacu Muzika Festival is organized by the East African Promoters (EAP) Ltd in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Culture (MYCULTURE), Rwanda Academy of Language and Culture (RALC), RDB, Imbuto Foundation, Bank of Kigali among other partners.