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Inside ArtRwanda-Ubuhanzi Showroom where talents are showcased

The ArtRwanda - Ubuhanzi is a nationwide talent search project implemented by Imbuto Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Culture and the Rwanda Academy of Language and Culture. The project aims at identifying and supporting young and talented Rwandans within the creative arts industry. The competition consists of a televised nationwide search for creative youth in six different categories (plastic arts, dance & music, fashion, acting & drama, cinematography & photography, and literature).

In its first phase, 587 young artists, from the six categories, were selected at Province Level. From these, the top 68 best artists were identified at the national level to attend the boot-camp and later competed for the final prizes. Six artists were finally selected as winners in each category winning 1,000,000 Rwf each, along with three best projects, winning seed funding of 10,000,000 Rwf, each.

In addition to the cash prizes and training, the ArtRwanda-Ubuhanzi showroom has been established to help artists showcase and sale their artworks.